Pre and Postnatal PT


I specialise in training ladies who are pregnant or have recently had a baby. Find out all about what I offer below.

Online prenatal plans

If you are looking for a little guidance for what to do during each trimester then an online plan might be for you. 

Each plan fits in with your life, whether that means 20 minutes at home or an hour at the gym. 

With an online prenatal plan, you will receive 3 session plans, which I suggest per trimester.


Each plan is bespoke, taking into account any issues or concerns as well as what equipment you have available. 

To set the plan up we will have a Zoom/facetime consultation where I can see how you move and get to know you a little better. From here I programme you a bespoke set of plans for you.

Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for both mum and baby. It isn't all about "keeping weight down" just as it isn't about chasing new PBs on your squat or running your fastest 10k. 


Your body is going to be going through changes and will need to prepare itself for giving birth to your baby and carrying the extra load on your body. 


Benefits of exercising during pregnancy:
  • Reduce low back pain

  • Posture 

  • Are less likely to need an unplanned caesarean

  • Reduced risk of depression 

  • Gain less weight during pregnancy

  • Baby to develop a healthier heart with a lower resting heart rate after birth

  • May decrease your risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia

  • Can help you give birth quicker 

  • Decrease stress and anxiety which in turn may help promote sleep

  • Maintain fitness levels 

  • Improve pelvic floor 

Online postnatal plans

You've had your baby and you're ready to start exercising again. Now is a time to build up your foundations.

Life is probably quite different now and you might find that going to the gym for an hour or having the energy to do so is off the cards.

I can provide you with session plans that are safe, effective and fit in with your life (and energy levels!) 

We will have a catch up on Zoom/Facetime so I can assess how you move and get to know you and hear about your birth story. From here I'll write you a bespoke plan.

Each week I will check in with you to see how you are getting on and to keep you motivated.

The plan will be very thorough and personalised to you, with videos and pictures to help you with the exercises.

Prenatal Personal Training

I provide pre and postnatal fitness sessions for a small group or an individual on a one to one basis. In the postnatal sessions, it is perfectly fine with me for you to have your baby there too! 


What is included in the prenatal one to one sessions? 
  • Safe and effective exercise 

  • Advice on exercises to avoid and what to do instead

  • Safe core, cardio and strength work (depending on goals/exercise experience) 

  • Focus on strengthening for posture  

  • Tracking workouts and progress

  • Exercises to do at home


Sessions can take place either at Fitlife in Haddenham or at your house. Wherever suits you best. 


Please note, before you start a prenatal exercise program you will need to check with your midwife that exercise is okay. 

Postnatal Personal Training

After you have had your baby you might be keen to get right back to your old routines, or maybe you aren't sure what you should or shouldn't do right now. 

I will guide you through a safe and effective workout, taking into account your pregnancy, birth and recovery. We will work lots on your posture and rehab to help you feel strong, right to your very core!

You are able to bring your baby to these sessions if we are at your house. Or if you fancy leaving dad to do bathtime and bed, then we can meet at the gym for a little you time.

Post baby exercise isn't all about "getting your body back" it's about making you feel strong, happy and building your foundations back up post baby. 

What's included in postnatal personal training?
  • A safe and effective session

  • Ab separation check

  • Posture work and mobility 

  • Stretching

  • Cardio and weight training 

  • Exercises to do at home

  • Goal setting and accountability

  • Exercises to avoid and alternatives

  • Core and pelvic floor restore

Group postnatal fitness session

Get your mum friends together for a little extra motivation for your workout, and split the cost too! These sessions can take place in the local park, a garden or one of your houses. 

What's included in postnatal group training?
  • Safe and effective workout

  • Interval training or circuit style

  • Ab separation check

  • Core and pelvic floor restore

  • Posture, mobility and stretching

If you don't know any other mums with little ones, why not come to Fitlife Mum Club. Every Wednesday at 11am, Fitlife in Haddenham.

Drop in price is £7, or buy 4 sessions for £24. 

(Please note, Fitlife Mum Club will be on hold from January 2020 until Spring 2020 as I'll be off having a baby of my own!)


PHONE: 07805920477


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