"I can't begin to say what she has done, she's given me confidence, made me use strength I didn't know I had, made a programme of activities I actually enjoy doing, and all in the comfort of my own home."
 "Becky emailed me my plan as I don't live local but wanted some help. It was just to tone up, rather than lose weight and when I got it there was a lot of weights on there, which was scary at first. But i love it! I barely do cardio now, its not what i needed anyway, it was just the easy option. Ive actually noticed I'm stronger and send her progress pics which motivates me!."
"Love having Becky train myself & my husband in our own home. Feeling stronger, fitter and more focussed.. highly recommend Becky to get you enjoying excercise and always feels like a personal tailor made session!"
 "I've never had any sort of motivation to work out or get healthy, but within a week of Becky helping me I was already hooked! She keeps track of everything I'm doing outside of our sessions and really makes me feel great when I'm working hard at the gym or eating healthy! I would recommend her to anyone that has ever had trouble staying motivated or feeling good about working out!"
"Becky has been my PT for 6 months and she is absolutely FABULOUS! Sometimes my partner joins in and even the kids! I have got fitter but more importantly stronger....she mixes every session up and always pushes me to my limits (mainly because she is just as a competitive as me) highly recommended and a friend for life now."
"I started training with Becky around 3 months ago. I've lost quite a bit of weight and asked her to help me tone up. I'm already seeing a lot of progress and she got me to actually enjoy working out! She's also very helpful outside of our sessions, always happy to help. Becky is a fabulous personal trainer and I would recommend her to anyone!"

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