Here's an Idea- Let's Eat REAL Foods

Have you ever seen those diet foods, you know the ones. They come in a sachet and you mix the outrageously orange powder with hot water and hey Presto! You have cottage pie…

Not only are these foods lacking any real nutrition, they’re pretty expensive. Some of these packs can really strip the cash from your wallet, all because they’re low calorie, low fat and promise that you’ll drop a stone in a week , or whatever.

This way of dieting makes me feel pretty stressed.

1. Because it isn’t a long term fix, it is something you’ll do for a month (if you can sustain yourself on it) and then you’ll go back to your regular eating because you’re not learning about or how to cook good, nutritious food. You’ll then find your weight creeping back up in no time.

2. They’re not real. Any powder that you mix up with water to create a ‘meal’ will never be a good way of living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few of my reasons why I believe a good diet starts with eating REAL foods.

Low calories

Eating food that grows in the ground contains very few calories, and you can eat a lot of it to get adequate calories. You can eat 500 kals of vegetables for your receptors to tell your brain that you’re full. When you’re chowing down on 500 kals of rich or processed foods your receptors don’t know that you’re full. Eat 500 kals of oil (which is pretty much just fat) will hardly even effect your stomach receptors.

It’s the way nature intended it

Us humans have been around in the world for millions of years, living off the land for most of that time. Post WW2 tinned foods turned up on our shelves of the new supermarkets, soon followed by highly processed foods and the arrival of drive through burger joints in the 1950’s. Our ancestors were doing just fine for all those years before, let’s go back to that.

You’ll learn

Being on a diet that simply tells you to pour water onto a powder, leave to stand and stir, or taking a diet meal out of the freezer, you’re not going to take the time to learn about what food you should eat and why. When you embark on a whole foods diet, you’ll learn to cook healthy recipes, you’ll find out the benefits of foods and you’ll loose weight!

It’s cheap!

When people shop at Iceland because it is cheaper than eating healthy it makes me pretty mad. When you learn how to cook, and what foods are good for you, you’ll find cheap ways to do it. For example, at a local farmers market I brought a bag of kale, 2 peppers, broccoli, celery, spinach, mushrooms, a box of dates and 3 avocados for £3.50. A pack of sweet potatoes is 79p- cut them up and make wedges, leave the frozen chips in the supermarket!

It’s the best medicine

IBS, Acne, high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic fatigue, eczema? All of these illnesses can be irritated by eating processed foods. Fuel your body with the right, healthy foods, and you’ll see your issues ease up. If you suffer with an illness, look into which foods can help and start to eat those.

If you’re eating a calorie rich and nutrient poor diet, your body isn’t going to thank you for it. Remember, your body knows. If it is showing signs of illness then something is up.

You can stick to it

Eating foods from a packet for a few weeks and mixing them with water isn’t going to be something you can stick to for long (without feeling pretty terrible) Eat real foods, learn how to cook and your diet can soon become a lifestyle, not just a quick fix.

How you can be sure you’re eating real food?

POINT TO REMEMBER: Real food rots

Have you seen that McDonald’s burger that was 6 years old and still looked as ‘fresh’ as ever? That’s because McDonald’s is so bad that bacteria won’t even eat it! Isn’t that saying something?

If it comes in a box- don’t eat it

As a rule of thumb, if it comes in a box and has ingredients you can’t pronounce, avoid it.

Excuse my rant there. Now, I’m not saying never eat a bar of Galaxy again (trust me, I still will) I’m just saying when you’re on a diet focus on real food, not food that comes in a powdered form, costs you £5 and is labeled as cottage pie…

What drives you mad about diet foods?

(Iceland is a UK supermarket, stocking mainly freezer meals)

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