Things I Hate About the Gym

1. People who don’t get the etiquette

When you go to the gym there are certain, unwritten rules that you need to follow. One of them being, put your bloody weights back! I hate it when half my work out has been unloading the squat rack, walking to and from the free weights tidying up after other people.

2. People who hog the machines

Fair enough, someone is doing a circuit. I get that. But do they need to take up 3 machines, a bench and the smith machine to do so?

3. People who lift to heavy

Watching people throw weights around (literally) make me cringe. Their form is off all because they’re trying to up their weight when they’re not ready. Lift right, not heavy, every time.

4. The judgers

I don’t see this too much in the gym I am at now, but I have seen it elsewhere. Someone comes into the gym and they’re not the #fitfam of Instagram. They’re on their own journey to get fit and healthy. People who judge these types because they don’t quite know what to do drive me a little mad. Rather than judge, why don’t they offer some advice, or just leave them too it? We all start somewhere.

5. When there is no one to ask

Sometimes you need some assistance from a trainer- to check your form, give you workout ideas. I hate it when there is no one to ask questions.

6. The vending machine

In one gym I have been to they serve chips at the on site cafe, seems like a missed opportunity here. Why not set up a healthy smoothie or protein shake bar? Why all the chocolate and chips?

7. People who don’t wipe down the machines

I don’t really fancy sitting on a spin bike that has bum sweat all over it. A little wipe over will only take a second, I don’t know why people leave it. #gag

8. The body checkers

I have no problem with people looking in the mirror at the gym, checking their form, or just having a nose at their progress- good on them. However, when people check their muscle after each rep it’s a little bit over kill.

9. The people who don’t know what they’re doing, but offer out advice anyway

It’s good to give advice to others in the gym, it can be a way to make friends. However, when people have no real idea what they’re saying when directing people it can be dangerous. If you’re one of those people who don’t know what you’re doing, beware of who’s advice you take, maybe even consider investing in a trainer to help you get started.

10. People who watch TV

The TV is on in the gym I go to, and sometimes between sets I might check out what is on the screen, however never for more than a few seconds. I’ve seen people hog a bench and just sit there watching TV. There’s a time and a place for Come Dine With Me, and the gym benches are not it.

Do you hate these things too? If yes, I want to hear from you! Let's work out in the park together, away from TV's, bum sweat and chocolate temptation.

What is your pet peeve when you’re in the gym? Tweet me, @BeckySRuns


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