Arm Workout for Hypertrophy

For a long time I never wore short sleeves. My arms were like breadsticks. While some might find this desirable, it is not. Muscles over spaghetti arms all day, every day.

So I've been working on my arms and making them bigger for a little while now. Here's my quick arm hypertrophy (gain muscle) programme. If you have any questions, or fancy your own bespoke workout, contact me!

Super set:

Bicep curls

Tricep pully

5 sets / 6-8 reps

Giant set:

Barbell curl

Tricep over head

Kettle bell curls

Tricep kick back

5 sets / 6-8 reps


Bicep curl using the cable pully

Start off light. As you go up in weight, reduce the number of reps. Go to your highest weight (where you can just do 1 rep) then go back down to light weight. Rest between each set for about 1-2 mins.)

Super set 2:

Push ups

Over head press with burpees


Squat with kettlebell curl to over head press.

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