Things You'll Notice When you Get Fit and Healthy

So you're thinking of embarking on a healthy life. You promise to eat more veg, eat less crappy food that your Grandad wouldn't recognise as food and you're going to exercise. You're really going to do it this time.

Before I started eating healthy and working out I had no idea how much it would change my life (for the better) in many ways that I never could have even imagined.

Here are just a few ways exercise and healthy living has changed me, both mentally and physically.

1. I love veg!

Wow. Three years ago if someone asked me, "If you had to eat just one thing for the rest of your life" I would have said Diam bars, or chocolate in general. Ask me now and I'd say peanut butter and broccoli (not in the same meal, though I wouldn't put it past me!)

2. My nails are fantastic

That's right. Nails. I had no idea how much my diet was effecting my nails and their health. They were always brittle, and I had that horrible double nail situation all the time. Now? They're white, long and strong.

3. I can run for the bus

I never miss a train now because I know I can push myself to run and not have to stop to catch my breath. I've probably saved hours of my life from waiting around for transport!

4. You'll be free of guilt

You know that guilt you get after eating the contents of the chocolate tin? You don't get that. Not because you don't ever eat chocolate, but because you know when you've had enough and when to stop. Also, you'll have worked hard for that chocolate. You deserve a treat now and then.

5. You'll have more energy

Who here falls asleep on Christmas day after a mammoth meal of turkey and trimmings? (or nut roast in my case.) That's because you've eaten so much that you've been zapped of energy. Or have you ever eaten a cake, washed it down with an energy drink, felt great, then quickly felt groggy, tired and worse than you did before all the sugar? That's because you're on a come down from all the sugar. When you eat real, healthy foods that provide natural energy, you'll be able to use the fuel for longer, giving you more energy and keeping your mood balanced.

6. You'll want to motivate others

Not like, hey look at how fit I am and healthy with my salad and protein while you're eating cake- no. You don't want to be that person. But, as you learn more about food and exercise and the effect it has on your energy, mood and body, you'll want to tell the world and motivate others to join you. It's infectious. Just don't be a dick about it.

7. Scales are shit

That's right. I said it. Scales are the devil. If you're wanting to drop body fat and you start working out a few times a week and swapping chocolate bars for hummus and carrot sticks, you might find yourself tempted by the scales every day. This is a bad idea. If you must weigh yourself do it once a month. The most important measurements are cm's and how you feel in your clothes and when you look in the mirror. Chances are if you are lifting weights, you might gain weight, because muscle weighs more than fat. So as long as you're happy with what you see, really happy, then you're on the right track.

8.You'll make healthy choices, all the time

If you've been eating well and exercising, chances are you'll choose healthy foods over fatty, processed crap. Why undo all your hard work?

Are you ready to start your journey to health and fitness? Get in touch with me. I'll gladly give you some advice without all that salesy crap. If you want to join one of my classes, a PT session then great. But, if you just need some advice, I'll be happy to help you.

Contact me, for a chat.

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