You've signed up to PT Sessions, what's next?

So, you've decided to sign up to personal training sessions. You're feeling motivated and you are raring to pull on your trainers and go.

Good news, I am too.

Here's the plan of what will happen once you have signed up for either one session or a month of sessions.

1. We will meet up and talk goals

I need to know about you before we have our first session. Who you are, what your motivations are and what your goal is. Your goal might be to shed some body fat, gain muscle, gain weight, run your first 5k, 10k or even marathon!

We can do this meet up at a local coffee shop, or we could go for a nice walk and chat- big fan of walking meetings!

2. I'll create a session plan

Our first few sessions will be me learning how you move, your fitness level and your likes and dislikes. Chances are, the first session plan I write won't be bang on what you need- but I will revise it to get it perfect to suit your likes/dislikes and physical ability.

3. We will workout!

I'll guide you through the plan and the session. Motivating you through every rep, every stride, every jump.

4. I'll give you guidance on healthy eating

I will give you advice on healthy eating, point you in the direction of some amazing recipes and explain a few ways to make those foods you love healthier. (My FAVORITE food is pizza- I've got lots of tricks to making this treat delicious and healthy!)

5. I will review your plan

We will sit down every week to hear how you are getting on, what you'd like to do more of. We will assess how you're doing in reaching your goal to ensure that you get there.

If you haven't enquired about my services, do get in touch. I'd love to help you! Email me on

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