How to do... a push up

Last year I couldn't do a push up. In fact, even a box push-up was a struggle!

I set myself a goal in February to be able to do one full press up, after practice, strengthening my upper body and lots of falling on my face, I managed it. And last month I managed 21 full push ups with no rest.

So how do you learn how to do a push up?

Form First

You should have your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, and your fingers should be facing forwards (Turn your hands inwards slightly if you need less pressure on your wrists)

Your feet should be shoulder width apart. You can have them together, but the wider your feet are the more stability you will have.

You should be in a straight line. Key is to engage your abs and keep your bum clenched.

Keep your head up a little - I see people all the time dropping their face to the floor, I guess it gives you the feeling of being closer to the floor, but hey it is cheating. Think chin first- not nose first.

Once you're set up you are ready to bend at the elbows to lower yourself down, then push back up.

As a beginner you'll want to make a few adaptions.

First things first, master the wall press up.

Then once you have that down, try holding a straight arm plank for 60 seconds.

Next, move on to doing a press up on your knees.

Once you've got the hang of that use a low wall to place your hands on, and press up from there, find progressively lower walls over a few weeks until eventually you're hands are on the floor and your legs are stretched out behind you.

Here's a plan.

Week 1-

12 Wall press ups, rest for 1 minute, repeat 3 times

Week 2-

6 kneeling press ups (as low as you can manage), rest for 1 minute, repeat 3 times.

Week 3- (find a low wall or use a Smith Machine)

2 Low wall press ups, rest for 2 minute, repeat 4 times

Week 4- (find a lower wall or use a Smith Machine)

2 Lower wall press up , rest for 2 minute, repeat 4 times

Week 5-(find an even lower wall or use a Smith Machine)

4 lower wall, rest for 2 minute, repeat 4 times

Week 6 -

1 full press up- YOU CAN DO IT!!

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