Why use a PT when you have an app?

It seems these days everyone has a ‘personal trainer’ in their pocket- in app form. There are so many out there on the app market, all you need to do is search the store for fitness and you’ll be inundated with hundreds to choose from.

There are some good ones too. Freeletics seems to get good reviews from friends at work and the Nike+ Training App is always on someones phone at the gym.

However, I don’t believe that the rise in apps would ever force the Personal Trainer to need to retire. Here are my benefits of using a personal trainer, and the reasons why it is an investment in your health and fitness.

  • You’ll be taught the right form

Nike+ Training is great, and BodySpace too, as they do give you advice on how to perform exercises safely. However, it is all well and good being told to keep your spine neutral, but how do you know if it is- how do you know what neutral looks like? "Abs on" they say- what does that mean? A PT will give you tips to improve your form so you get not only the best results from the exercise, but you don't hurt yourself in the process. You will be able to use your knowledge gained from your PT long after you’ve finished working with them.

  • You’ll be advised on healthy eating

Exercise is just one component of a healthy life. Haven’t you seen the hashtag on Instagram #absaremadeinthekitchen? Very true. What you put into your body is just as important as your activity levels. A Personal Trainer will be able to advise you on things such as foods to eat and how to manage your portion sizes. They can't prescribe you a meal plan- that is something you need a nutritionist for, but they'll give you the guidelines you need to be on route to a healthy shopping list.

  • You’ll develop new habits

We all have habits. Bad day? Chocolate bars. First thing in the morning- cigarette. Home from work? Sit in front of the TV. You need to gain an understanding of your habits and their triggers in order to change them. A PT can work with you to help you create new healthy habits.

  • You’ll learn and do

With an app you might learn various exercises and how to do them, but with a PT you learn exercises, techniques, why you do them, foods that will keep you full, foods that are good for you and more. You’ll then be able to use this knowledge in your every day life, not just when the app is closed, or deleted...

  • You’ll be accountable

If you don’t log into the app for a day or two you might get a friendly notification, however if you have an actual person who you’re accountable to and don’t want to let down then you’ll be more inclined to stick with your plans.

  • You’ll be making an investment

You’ll be investing in yourself, in your health. When you’re paying for something you’ll be more likely to stick with it than if you download a free app.

  • Your PT will get to know you

Find a good PT. One who takes the time to get to know you, your goals, your barriers to exercise and your preferences. They’ll then be able to design a programme for you based on the specific goals you have (ie run a 10k, loose body fat, gain muscle etc.) You could download a running app (some of which are pretty good) but you wouldn’t have the accountability, personalisation and support that you would get with a PT.

Do you have an app that you use in the gym? What do you think of it and how would it compare to a living breathing PT?

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