Suspension Training- The Benefits

Have you seen people using straps attached to trees in the park or in the gym? Those are suspension straps and they're pretty cool, you might have heard of the brand TRX. I've had them in my tool kit for a year now but have only just started using them more since seeing how much people love them!

They have so many benefits, not only are they portable, and affordable for my clients to buy their own, they are also adaptable, versatile and a fun way to work out.

Adaptable for all levels

Whether you are just starting out on your fitness quest, or if you've been doing it for years, suspension training is great for all levels. Just by moving your body position you can increase or decrease the load on your muscles.

You can do it anywhere!

The beauty of suspension training is that you can literally do it anywhere you have a stable attachment. Perfect for people without a gym membership who want to get strong without paying out for dumbbells. Take your training straps to the local park, attach them to a tree or the monkey bars- just make sure they are secure!

Total Body Workout

Suspension training can be used for a total body workout. Leg day? You can do lunges, single leg squats, to name a few. Upper body? Rows, push ups, chest press, bicep curls, plank rows and more. If you're using TRX or suspension bands in the gym then you'll save time waiting for machines to be free, or moving from place to place. Get it all done standing in one spot!

Great for your core

It is so important to have a strong core when you're exercising. It is like the foundations, your stabiliser, for everything you do in the gym- even bicep curls! The balance involved during suspension training means that the core is activated with every move. And don't you know it the next day!!

Have you tried TRX or another suspension trainer?

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