Boxing- burn calories, get fit and have fun!

Bored of slogging it on the cross trainer, don't like running outside, unsure what weight to lift or how to lift them? Looking for a workout that is fun, therapeutic and burns tons of calories?

Look no further.

Boxing offers a number of great benefits. Not only can you burn up to 600 calories during an intense session, you really release some stress too!

Here are a few reasons why you should try boxing with a trainer or a friend.

1. It freshens up your training

Never fancied running? Tired of using the cross trainer? Finding your not getting anywhere with you current programme? Try boxing for a fun and effective way to boost your training.

2. Stress buster!

Had a shitty day? Work getting you down? Whatever is going on punching something will really help release the tension. You'll also be releasing feel good endorphins from exercise and getting a sweat on, leaving you feeling much better.

3. It's an all rounder

You get more than just an aerobic workout with boxing. You'll also boost your strength, improve your balance, speed, power coordination and agility.

4. You burn calories

When you're sweating and sparring with a partner you can burn around 300 calories ever 30 minutes. This exercise is around the same (if not more) than you'd burn running or cycling.

5. Great for the core

Boxers are always pretty ripped with a serious 6 pack. That's because boxing is fantastic for the core. You'll find when you're sparring you have your abs braced and you'll be twisting at the hips with every punch.

6. Great for everyone

Whatever your shape or size boxing could well be the perfect workout for you. If you have weak knees or your legs tire easy with burpees and running, boxing will be an ideal workout for you to get your heart rate up without being too taxing on your knees, as jumping would be.

If you're based in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire and would like to know how I can help you burn fat through boxing, get in touch!

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