Do The Fit Thing Bootcamp- Bloxham

BIG NEWS for those in Bloxham, banbury and the surrounding villages!

A brand new Bloxham bootcamp is coming to you.

If you want the benefits of personal training but need a friendly group to support you and keep you motivated a bootcamp is ideal for you.

How much does it cost?

£5 for one hour session, or book 5 sessions for £20

Where will it be?

Ex Serviceman's Hall, High St, Bloxham, Banbury OX15 4LU / On the 12th November it will be in the Jubilee Hall, Bloxham at 10am.

When is it?

Every Saturday (from the 29th October 2016) at 10am (Like my Facebook page to get the times and dates, as sometimes they vary

Is it for men and women?


What will we be doing?

We'll be mixing up workouts to keep things interesting and to help burn those calories.

A few examples are, ladder runs, boxing, squats, burpees, bodyweight training, kettle bell exercises and so much more to bump your heart rate up and get you feeling fit!

What if I haven't worked out in ages?

No worries, I understand that people in the group will be at different levels. After all, you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. So whatever your fitness level, I can adapt the workouts to suit you. Come along and do the best you can. There's no judgement, ever, under my watch!

What if I don't have anyone to come with me?

Safety in numbers, I get that. But honestly, we're a friendly bunch. You'll be meeting like minded people and you will help motivate each other.

How many calories could I burn?

Around the 600 calories mark, this depends on your weight and gender, but as a rough guide around 600.

How do I sign up?

Text me, email me, send me a carrier pigeon, skype me, Facebook message, Watsapp, SnapChat even!

Call/Text me on 07805920477

Email me on



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