Why you should listen to music while exercising

We all have that one song, that when we're on a spin bike, at the gym or running on the road, that makes us feel like a hero. Our very own Rocky theme tune.

Or maybe it's just me...?

I'm building a playlist at the moment for my Bloxham Bootcamp class and it got me thinking, why is it that music makes us feel so great when we're working out? Why do we listen to it?

Here are a few reasons why I like listening to music at the gym...

1. It's a welcome distraction

Singing along to your favourite song is going to distract you from the pain of squeezing out that last rep, or pushing harder for the last 1k of your run, pr getting through those last few burpees.

2. It enhances your mood

If you're in a crap mood and a song that you love comes on, chances are it will remind you of something that made you happy, or made you feel good in the past. This will help lift your mood along with all those endorphins you release from working out- you'll be well on your way to a great day.

3. It will help you work harder

When that beat drops in spinning and the instructor shouts "sprint" chances are you're going to really put the effort in. A study found that cyclists worked harder when they listened to upbeat music, compared to slower stuff. If you want to get technical, songs between 120-140 beats per minute have the best effect.

Do you listen to music when you work out? What's your Rocky song? Tell me on Facebook!

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