Give the Gift of Fitness this Christmas

It's almost that time of year again...

Endlessly traipsing around the shops thinking, should I get the scarf, or the jumper, but I got them that last year. They have that, they wouldn't like that... and it goes on.

By the end of the day you've got a bag of shopping that you think your loved one might possibly like, or at least politely smile at as they open it. Your nose is cold. Your feet are sore. If you hear another Christmas song you might just lose your mind...

How about a unique gift this year... Personal Training!

If your friend or family member has wanted to reach a particular fitness goal for sometime but needs a little motivation and help with what to do and when to do it, then a Personal Training Gift card might be the thing that really puts a smile on their face this year.

Prices & Packages

Prices start from £20 for an hour session (and depend on your location) Contact me for the best prices and packages for your area.

Contact me now on for more information!

To find out more and to book, contact me on or call me on 07805920477

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