The Benefits of Battle Ropes

So, I have a new toy. Battle ropes!

I'll be using these with both my personal training clients at at my bootcamps, so I thought it might be a good idea to tell you all why on Earth I have included these into my equipment.

1. They burn heaps of calories

Just 30 seconds on the battle ropes will get your heart pumping and your muscles working. By doing intervals including periods of work and periods of rest you'll be getting your heart rate up, sweating and burning some serious calories. With this sort of workout you can burn between 300-500 calories every 30 minutes! That's between 1 and 2 mars bars...

2. Build up your muscle and burn the fat- AT THE SAME TIME!

When I mention doing cardio to Matt (my fiance) he pulls a face and freaks out about loosing his muscle gains. However, when you use battle ropes you burn fat and build muscle- together! This is also a great way to avoid spending time weight training and then on a cardio section of a work out. The muscles you'll be working include your abs, your arms and shoulders- and while you're working the ropes you'll be burning the fat around those muscles too.

3. Great for any fitness level

Whether you are a beginner or an every day trainer- battle ropes will have a workout for you. We can tone up or tone down the workout to suit you.

4. Keeps things interesting

Are you bored of jumping around your living room? Running getting hard on your knees? Find the gym boring?

Well, enter battle ropes! When I'm training my clients using these we mix things up. Everyone I've trained with them loves the variety they offer.

Do you want to have a go with battle ropes? Come over to the Bloxham Bootcamp on Saturday's at 10am, or arrange a one to one session where we can have a good old fat burning, muscle building session!

Contact me!

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