Snacks for Fruit and Veg Haters

I'm a veggie loving vegetarian, however not everyone likes the colourful stuff on their plate. So if you're looking to lose weight and every diet plan says eat fruit and eat veg you might be turned off before you have even started.

So here are a few snack ideas that are ideal if you are watching your weight, but don't like fruit or veg.


That's right. Jerky. It is high in protein and low in fat making it a great between meal, veg free snack. I've never tried it before (being a veggie), but my sources (Matt) say it is full of flavour. Food that is high in protein will help keep hunger pangs away.

Dark Chocolate

Get out of town. Did I just write chocolate!? Choose a bar with 60% or more cocoa content. Research has found that this can help to reduce heart disease risk and lower body fat. Just have a couple of squares when you get that need for a chocolado hit.

Cheese String (or something like that)

Cheese contains protein which is great post workout. Having your cheese in a prepackaged portion will ensure that you don't over indulge as you may do if you ate it straight from the pre grated packet. Choose a low fat cheese string version if you can find one.

Boiled egg

Boiled eggs aren't just for when you are feeling under the weather. Boil up a couple of eggs and keep them in the fridge for when you need a savoury snack. You could cut them up and pop them on a slice of brown bread/toast or on a Rivita.


Popcorn is fairly low calorie (not talking about the toffee covered stuff here!) It will also keep you full, perfect for those film nights when you want to nibble on something but don't want to pile on the calories.

Hummus and wholemeal Pita

Opt for a reduced fat hummus and a small pitta bread as a little snack between meals. The protein in the hummus should keep you fuller, and it is delicious!

Protein shake

After a workout have a protein shake. There are LOADS on the market, a good one is Diet Whey as it contains the protein content without all the calories that some of the other ones have. Mix with milk or water, or a combination of both. Or, just have a glass of milk :)

Slice of ham

One serving of ham from the deli contains about 100 calories. Ham has both protein and iron in it. Watch out for some hams that can be quite high in salt, choose one that is lean and low in fat.

Any other ideas?

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