Habits that will make Healthy Eating a Breeze

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Feel like you don’t have time for eating healthy? That it’s easier to grab a takeaway or chocolate bar than to cook, or make healthy choices? You’re not alone. So many people think that eating healthy requires elite knowledge on macros and nutrition, that you have to put in effort to think about your next meal, that you have to spend Sunday meal prepping because that’s what they do on Instagram….

Sure, you might do these things in the future, but starting out you need to ease yourself into the healthy life- if you want to stick at it that is.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make the transition to healthy eating easier.

Eat lunch with a healthy buddy

Do you know someone at work who eats super healthy? Team up with them at lunch time. Chances are if they’re sitting next to you with a healthy lunch you’ll feel more obliged to make a healthy choice. They’ll also unknowingly educate you on what you could be eating.

Make meal swaps

Think about the foods you eat now, lasagna? Pasta bake? Pizza? How about trying to make healthy versions using aubergine as the pasta layers in lasagna, corgetti for the pasta and a cauliflower base or wrap for the pizza.

Fill your fridge

When you come back from food shopping what is most full, your fridge, freezer or cupboard? If you want to eat healthy make sure your fridge is stocked full of fresh, healthy ingredients. Your salad and veg section should be full to bursting. Things that go in the freezer are most of the time overly processed and rarely healthy- unless it’s frozen veg of course!

Banish the biscuits

Just don’t buy them! If they’re not in the house then you won’t eat them. Go food shopping when you’re full up and don’t want to gorge on junk, it will make it easier to make healthy choices.

Carry snacks with you

If you’re going out for the day shopping or traveling in the car, take healthy snacks with you. That way you won’t be tempted to make a stop of at McDonald’s or grab a chocolate bar to boost your energy.

Add one healthy thing to your regular dinner

Going from eating an unhealthy diet to a vegan/vegetarian or healthy diet might feel a little daunting. Here’s a trick, add one healthy thing to a meal you would eat usually, such as Add a stalk of celery or a tomato to a plate of lasagna. Each week reduce the unhealthy, and increase the healthy section. Before you know it you’ll have learned to love salad and veg- taste-buds adapt!

What is your top tip for eating healthy easily? Or, what do you find hardest about eating healthy?

Picture credit goes to Rachel Kim Mason and Lois Breckell @TheSkinnyKitchen- make healthy eating super easy by heading there for dinner or check out their Insta for inspo- The_Skinny_Kitchen

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