Healthy Little Habits for 2017

To some people this list might seem pretty obvious, but over the last few years I’ve watched so many programs about weight and fitness and read countless blog posts and articles on healthy living, and it seems some people don’t actually consider these small changes.

These small changes can make a big difference over the course of a week.

So here is my list of small but mighty, healthy habits to get into:

  1. Take the stairs, get off your tube or bus a stop early- or walk all the way if it isn’t ridiculously far.

  2. Leave the car at home. Take a walk in the fresh air!

  3. Drink water, or if that’s boring add in slices of lemon or strawberries.

  4. Move everyday. Not necessarily run, or work out, but move your body.

  5. When you go food shopping avoid the packaged food aisle. If most of your food is for the fridge you’re doing well. If you are on a budget, frozen veg is good and still packed with all the nutrients. Don’t drift down towards the frozen chips, even if they say low calorie, they’re still processed potato!

  6. Shop at farmers markets. The smaller the gap between picking the fruit and eating the fruit the more nutrients it contains.

  7. Stop polluting your water with sugars. Avoid fizzy drinks.

  8. Go for lower calorie drinks. How about a gin and soda? A pint of beer has about 250 Kals, a large Wine also has about the same. Gin and other white spirits are just a slim 50 kals. Also soda water is usually free, making it a cheep night!

  9. Always eat breakfast. If you don’t you’ll be ravenous by lunch time and might find yourself devouring the left side of the Chinese menu. Make sure your breakfast has protein in it, such as eggs or meat.

  10. Make your lunches for work at home and don’t take your card or money with you. If you eat out every day you’ll not only be adding salt and calories to your daily intake, you’ll also be spending a hell of a lot of cash.

Over a course of a week these changes can make a big difference.

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