Will exercise help my hangover?

Should we go to the gym hungover? Are there any benefits of breaking a sweat after drinking, or are we more likely to have a bad workout because we’re just ‘not feeling it’?

Sweating it out – it’s a myth :-(

The whole sweat it out theory is a big fat myth. Your body metabolizes one drink an hour so by the time you’ve passed out drunk, woken up in the morning, the alcohol is already out of your body.

You’ll feel happier

If you’re a grump when you have a hangover then a quick session at the gym or a gentle run might be the ticket to put a smile back on your face. Exercise is an anti-depressant and releases all kinds of wonderful endorphin’s, making you feel much happier.

You’ll burn calories

If you were knocking back pints of beer (250 kals) and glasses of wine (200 kals) and kebabs (1500 kals) on the way home then you probably spent some serious calories. If you’re feeling guilty about your calorie splurge, a trip to the gym might just help elevate some of that guilt.

You’ll feel motivated for your healthy life

Over-doing it on the sauce can lead you to completely bail on your healthy lifestyle the next day. You might find yourself dreaming of triple cheese loaded nachos, pizza with stuffed crust, fried bread… However, put in a shift at the gym and you’ll feel more motivated to continue to eat a healthy diet.

Keep it light

Probably not a great idea to go for a long run, do a HIT workout or lift too heavy. This could lead to you feeling sick and much worse. If you are really suffering with a hangover from hell then it might be best to go for a walk, or do some gentle exercises at the gym- such as yoga, swimming or Pilates. You could find that your balance and hand eye coordination is off, which could be dangerous. Listen to your body, if you feel sick, or if your head is pounding, stop.

Drink water

If you do decide to go to the gym, make sure you drink plenty of water, before, during and after your workout to ensure that you don’t dehydrate.

I think that gyming hungover is a personal choice, depending on a number of factors and the scale of your hangover. Matt is now glad he went, got some fresh air and no longer feels that horrible hangover guilt for wasting a day.

Do you workout after a night on the town?

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