Calling all super mums!

24 hours a day you are mum. Or should I say, "Mummmmm please can I"

You're running around after your little minions, worrying what they're having for dinner, if they've done their home work, if they'll get the grades... you spend your money on them while you make do with what you have, what you've had for years because you no longer see you as a priority like you probably did before you got your new name.

How would it feel for a couple of hours a week you could be someone other than mum, you can be a weightlifter, a boxer, a runner. You can sweat out the day and do something that is just for you and your body.

This wouldn't be selfish of you either.

This time away would give you the refresh you need. It will also keep you fit so that you can have the energy to keep up with those little ones, and stay healthy too.

Exercise with me is like your own personal time out. A place you can go for an hour, break a sweat, get your muscles working and feel great for it after - we all know about those wonderful endorphins that we release when we exercise!

I wanted Personal Training sessions to be accessible for everyone, not only those with a big budget. My price starts at just £20 pound an hour for Thame (you come to me or I come to yours in Thame) then if you live further out, prices change a little so it is best to contact me for my best price.

If you're looking to become superwoman, I can help you!

We can find exercises you enjoy, I can help you work out which foods to eat and will get you fitter and stronger.

Contact me on 07805920477 for a chat all about you and your world 🌎

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