Fixes for Fat Loss

Diets, diets everywhere! Jane Plan, Diet Chef, Lighterlife, Ketogenic, Atkins, low carb.... Oh and it goes on.

And on.

So where do you start?

If you're looking to keep things simple and to get results then this is the blog you need to read, and the diet habits and changes you should make.

Don't drink your calories.

Latte in the morning? thats around 200 cals, can of coke at lunch - 139 calories, small glass of wine in the evening- 150 calories, Hot Chocolate before bed- 200 calories

See how they can add up over the course of the day before you have even counted actual food. Try making small switches, drink water, have booze free days, change to Coke zero and other diet fizzy drinks. Ditch those daily calorific coffees and invest in a nice instant coffee- that will save you some money too!

Eat less, move more.

To drop body fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit- basically you need to burn more calories than you are eating. This means eating less and moving more.

If you're not sure how much you're eating then download a food tracker (myfitnesspal is good- add me TheFitThing) and keep an eye on what you eat. You can also add in exercise which then comes off your total goal. It takes a little getting used to but before long you'll be a pro!

Being aware of what you are putting in to your body will make you more conscious of calorie intake, hopefully going on to help you loose weight :)

Ditch the confectionary, but never say never

Don't ban foods, it is a sure way to make you think about them constantly! If you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar at 3pm, then find a healthy alternative, such as a yoghurt, Hummus and carrots, a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit. Limit your chocolate treat to say, once or twice a week. As long as you are cutting back on it and exercising, then you should see some results.

Don't binge on 'healthy' foods

My father in law to be always takes two Go Ahead bars because he says they're 'healthy' so you can have double... I really hope he's joking.

Foods such as cereal bars, gluten free cakes (basically the same calorie content as cake), even protein bars disguise themselves as healthy when really they are full of sugar. Nuts are also an offender. While they are healthy and full of good fats, you still have to think in moderation. Nuts are very calorie dense so having a big bag of moreish nuts on your work desk might not be a good idea. Try taking a handful in a small tub and stick to the portion size. Same goes for seeds.

Make your goal realistic

Quick fixes are sexier, I get it. But with fat loss you need to play the long game and make your goals realistic, and time bound. Decide on what you can achieve and when you'd like to do it by. If your goal is too out of reach you might find yourself giving up.

Don't start tomorrow.

Life will get in the way of your fat loss. There will be days when you have a friends birthday dinner or you're invited out on a night out and get a takeaway on the way home. This will happen! Just don't think that because you had one bad day all is lost and you might as well carry on your binge. You have not failed! It is better to be 80% on your diet 100% of the time, than 100% on your diet some of the time.

Keep it simple, you'll get there.

Becky x

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