Exercise is about more than fat loss

When people start an exercise programme, very often the goal is fat loss.

While that is something that exercise (and I) can help with, it is about so much more than dropping weight on the scales. It's about having energy, feeling empowered, strong, having a better diet, improved cardiovascular health (so you're not breathless when you run up the stairs) feeling confident.

Here are a few things that my clients have noticed about their lifestyle since they began exercise.

More energy

Have you ever lazed around the house all day and felt tired and like you could nap for England? Well exercise and moving around can actually give you more energy by strengthening the circulation and the heart muscle. By taking an hour a day to be more active you will find that you have more energy and feel less tired, even though you are doing more. A few PT sessions and you'll be ready to take on the world!

Improved diet

When you know how it takes around 40 minutes of running to burn off a snickers duo bar (eaten in 2 minutes) you might find that you think twice about what you're eating. You also might start to think more about how what you eat effects your training.

Habit changes

Your old habit might have been to watch TV with a couple of biscuits, but when you start exercising regularly, fitness can become your new habit. You might find yourself feeling guilty, or restless if you haven't done your planned exercise that day.


Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel happy. Even after a hardcore HIIT session, my clients always say thank you with a smile and I know that they feel good for it, even though it was tough. If I'm ever feeling anxious, worried, sad or any negative emotion I head out for a run with my headphones in and just switch off. I honestly always come back happier. You might find you stress less, and sleep better too!

I even have had a client who said that she's found that while she never set out to stop smoking, she's found herself cutting down dramatically. Maybe this is down to how exercise can relive stress and provide new habits.

What will exercise do for you?



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