Client 8 week progress!

There's nothing I love more about my job than seeing my clients progress toward their goal, whether that is dropping body fat, beating their previous fitness test scores, loosing an inch, gaining muscle- I love it!

I have been working with a client online since December. This means that I designed her programmes for the gym and was available to answer questions and change up workouts to keep things interesting.

Her goal was not to loose weight but it to tone up and learn what weights to do and when. There was little cardio in the plan, and instead weights and HIIT training (Tabata)

There were a few struggles along the way. Christmas was one (wine, chocolate...)Then the weights room was shut at her gym, so she had to improvise and I gave her workouts she could do with the limited equipment.

Here's her 8 week progress picture-

Fab work 💪🏻

If you think you'd benefit from an online or face to face 8 week programme, drop me a message!

Becky 🏋️‍♀️

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