How to use your fitness tracker for fat loss

So you went out and brought a shiny new Fitbit, you're tracking every step you take and find yourself surprised that you are doing almost 10k steps a day already. Nailed it.

But wait.

If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got.

Now, just because you have a tracker it doesn't mean that you're now going to drop a dress size (sorry!) You have to use it in a way that will help you reach and exceed goals you have set for yourself. If you just do what you've always done, then you'll stay as you have been. You need to move more!

So here are a few ways to use your fitness tracker for more than just a wrist watch that buzzes every hour and tells you to get up.

Set a high (but realistic) step count goal

If you're doing 5k steps a day without really trying, then try ramping it up to 6k, then the next week 7k, etc. Then add in a day (say the weekend) where you have a 10k step goal, or higher. Tell yourself that everyday, come rain or shine, you will get out there and get the steps in.

Challenge your friends

I know that on Fitbit you can challenge people to do daily challenges. Having something pop up on your phone saying "Jackie is coming up behind you" is a great incentive to get up and get moving! (Note, works very well if your competitive!)

Remember, calorie count isn't 100% accurate

Calorie counting on fitness trackers is not going to be 100% accurate. For example, when I'm in my car (It's pretty bumpy but still...) my tracker records that I am on a bike, burning calories. Not only that, but calories on here are a guide, not the be all and end all.

The thing to remember, is if you're using a tracker with the goal to loose weight, remember you need to go above what you do everyday before the tracker. This could be a walk at lunchtime, after dinner, or first thing in the morning. It could be a HIIT training session or a gym session.

If you're on Fitbit, add me- I'll give you some challenges :)



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