Snacks you can prepare in advance

You're busy. You're working, commuting, looking after the family, being superwoman.

There's no time for lunch. Or even breakfast actually. You'll just grab a biscuit on the go. Or maybe a handful of biscuits, some crisps. Anything you can have on the way out the door and eat in the car.

I read somewhere once that you should treat yourself as though you were your child.

Would you let your child go without breakfast, or just eat a bag of crisp and some cookies for breakfast? My guess is that you wouldn't.

So why do you let yourself get away with it?

Life moves at a super fast pace. And if you're caught up and rushing around trying to please everyone, then take a moment. Have a break (not a Kitkat). Read this blog.

Here are a few breakfast ideas that take hardly any time, and you can make in batches and eat throughout the week. I'm not very good at following instructions when it comes to cooking, so I like things I can chuck together without much (or any) measurements...

Overnight oats

You'll need

Jar (a washed out jar from a sauce or jam is fine)



Milk (Cows, Almond or Coconut milk, or even water)

(Optional : Peanut butter, cinnamon, apples, chia seeds, nuts, dried fruit, banana- get creative!)

Put the ingredients in the jar, leave to soak overnight. Eat straight from the fridge. Make up a few pots at a time so you have breakfast for a few days.

Boiled eggs

Hard boil some eggs and leave them in the fridge. You can then have these on a rivita, on toast, with an avocado or with some spinach. Packed with protein which should help keep you fuller for longer, preventing you from reaching for the sugary snacks!

Yoghurt and Granola

Make some granola from oats, honey and coconut oil and have it in the cupboard ready to mix with yoghurt for a quick breakfast.

Oat Cookies

You'll need


1 tbsp Honey

Splash of Either coconut or regular oil

1 Mashed banana

(Optional : Protein powder, Peanut butter, cinnamon, apples, chia seeds, nuts, dried fruit, cocoa, nuts, chocolate chunks...)

Mix everything into a bowl until you have a stodgy consistency, ball up, flatten and bake for about 10 minutes.

Hummus (with carrots, cucumber, celery, radish)

You'll need


1 can of chickpeas

1tsp cumin

lemon juice

1 tbsp of Tahini (can make without)


(can also add smoked praprika, chilli powder- get creative and make it your own!)

Blend all ingredients together and you're done!

Also stock the fridge with fruit and healthy veg snacks such as celery, radishes, cherry tomatoes.

Another classic on the go snack that I tend to eat on the go is rice cakes and peanut butter, fruit and protein shakes.

Need more ideas? I have to recommend that you check out where you will find so many mouth watering treats that are healthy and you can eat on the go!

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