How I got the Fitness bug

If you knew me back in my uni days and see that I am now a PT, you're probably thinking, what Becky? Becky Saunders who eats mini pizza, frozen chips and beans for dinner and would pass out when trying to run for the bus?


That girl.

In 2012 I was living at my boyfriends parents house and we were looking for jobs having just finished uni. All day we'd browse the web for work, eat chocolate from the famous Spencer Davies chocolada tin and not really do much moving. So I said to Matt one morning that I wanted to try running. We ran around the field (or green area) not even 500 metres and I had passed out and had to go home, back to the tin and the internet.

Later that year I found a job and got signed up for an office 10k. I started training by running around the block with the dog. And it was hard. It hurt like hell. My chest was tight, legs weak, even my ears ached! (Really selling running to you here aren't I!)

But I got through the training and ran 10k in I think 59 minutes which was a personal best, being my first, and it felt great!

I then threw in the towel, I'd done my 10k. I was done. I rarely put on my running shoes for the next 6 months.

Until we moved to Thame and Matt started doing the Insanity DVD every day and was getting some interesting results from it. (I say interesting because when I look back now he had just got really skinny, ok he had abs but I think he was just lean AF.)

His fitness spark spurred me on and I started running again. Loved it. Started off just running around the block, 1km, then each week found I wanted and could go a little further without a crowd of runners pushing me along. Over the next few years did a half marathon and a 20km. I was loving it!

Then my relationship with running sort of fizzled out. My hip hurt. It was cold outside. I didn't want to be called skinny... I didn't used to enjoy weight lifting because it didnt make me feel hot a sweaty like running did, and I kind of like that feeling.

However, I found out soon enough after lifting weights that they can get you just as hot and feeling like you're working hard, just like running does.

I found a new love. Deadlifts and dare I say, squats!

I guess the point of this blog is to let you know that just like everyone else I had my moments of giving up. I failed. I started small. I built it up.

I also wasn't born good at it. It was something that took me hours, dedication, new habits and early mornings.

So if you're thinking, I'll never get better at this, you will. You just need to keep at it and you'll get there!

Need a little help? Give me a shout, I'd be glad to chat about you and your goals :) / 07805920477

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