How long until I see results?

When you start training, you'll probably be impatient to start seeing results.

How soon will this happen? To be honest, it varies from client to client.

I had one lady who a month ago managed a wall sit for 1minute and 8 seconds, 8 weeks later she ramped that up to 1 minute and 45 seconds. Amazing.

Another lady who lost 6llbs in 4 weeks.

And another who almost doubled the number of jacks she could do in 30 seconds after 6 weeks.

How fast you see results depends on a few things:

Number of workouts:

I suggest that you workout for an hour at least 3 times a week. If you're super busy then cut these down into half hour HIIT sessions, walk to the shop rather than drive, aim for 10k steps a day. If you want to see and feel results then you do need to put the time in. One workout a week is great, but if your desperate to see some changes then consider how you could include more activity into your day.


If your goal is weight loss and you want to see some results then have a look at your diet. Unfortunately you can't out train a bad diet. Think about it, a doughnut could contain say 400 calories, it takes around 50 minutes of running to burn that off and just 3 minutes to eat it...

Download MyFitnessPal and start tracking the food you eat. Be warned that food manufacturers can be wrong on their calories by up to 20% and also naturally, we underestimate what we eat and tend to over estimate what we burn. So that is a point to consider too.

If you want to loose 1llb a week (ideal) then you need to reduce your calorie intake by 500 kals a day. If you're eating 2000, then cut back to 1500 good quality calories. Or you could cut back by 250 and burn 250 through exercise.

Intensity of workouts:

If you're going to the gym (and as my sister used to say) "Tickling it" not really putting the effort in then you won't see results as soon as you could. I'm not saying go full pelt and beast mode for an hour a day, but just consider ramping up the intensity- could that weight be a little heavier? or the resistance on the bike a little higher? Give yourself a little push each week to keep yourself progressing.

My progression:

It took me a year to gain 2 inches on my thighs (and bum!)

And a year to gain 1.5 inches on my arm

It took me a 3 months to increase my running speed from 6-7kmph to 5.5kmph.

You've got this!

Need more advice? Have questions?

Message me :)


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