Eat like you deserve it

I started reading a book called "This is Not a Diet Book." It's all about how to rebuild and change your relationship with food and to create healthy habits.

In the book it says:

"Treat your meals as if they are worth the trouble of eating and treat yourself as if you deserve to eat them."

This really resenated with me.

Last night eating dinner at a friends, we had a dessert that one of the girls had made, because the bowls were in the dishwasher the host suggested we eat the delicious dessert from a microwave food container. Then I remembered this quote and how much I agree with it, went in the kitchen and after a rummage, found bowls and plates for us to eat it from.

I think, too often we eat on the go, or don't take the time to really appreciate the food we have. I probably drive Matt mad with this "savour and enjoy it" mentality as I moan at him for drinking a yoghurt by the kitchen bin or eating his breakfast standing up. I never realised while this bothered me until I read this book.

You should eat like you deserve it.

Take the time to look at the food you have in front of you (I don't mean stare at it for hours) but just take in the colours, the smells, the textures. Eat with your eyes. Savour what you're about to have and "make a thing of it".

Do you eat dinner in front of the TV? Try to limit this to a few times a week if you must. When you're not fully concentrating on what you're eating, you can end up over eating, or just not feeling full.

If you're rushing about eating on the go, chances are you won't feel as if you have had anything. Where as if you sit down, with a cup of tea and a snack you'll probably savour it more.

The book suggests that if you do have to eat on the go (Breakfast on the train for example) buy the nicest jam jar for your oats, or a fancy lunch box for your fruit and yoghurt.

You can probably buy the book online, or in Waterstones - This is not a diet book by Bee Wilson. It will really help to open your eyes about how you eat and the impact it can have. For example- did you know dinner plates used to be much smaller in the 1930s?

If you're struggling with over eating portion sizes then try using a nice looking plate from the early 1900. I got a beautiful one from a charity shop that I always eat my lunch from.

Enjoy, and eat like you deserve it.

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