It's all about balance

Today I met Matt in town, the sun was slightly out and it felt quite spring-like. So what does he say? "PINT?PUB GARDEN?" with a hopeful gleam in his eyes and drool hanging from his chops.

"Sure," I said.

Having been running about on errands all day and with clients I was still in my PT uniform, and it felt funny to be in a pub, drinking a pint (half- I'm a lightweight) wearing my personal training uniform.

In the past my clients have said, I bet you're really good, I bet you don't drink. Truth is, I do. And... wait for it... I eat chocolate too.

I'm not saying I go to the pub every Saturday, drink pint after pint (of wine :P) then get a kebab on the way home, but I do enjoy a glass of red on a Friday or a drink in the sun with Matt.

Truth is, life will get in the way of you being healthy and angelically good. You need to find the balance.

There will be birthdays (cake), weddings (wine, cake, calories) there will be times when you just HAVE to have that chocolate bar because you fancy it. Otherwise, life will be pretty boring if you always turn stuff down because it doesn't fit in with your healthy living lifestyle and you'll probably end up giving up. In the past I turned down so many events because I knew that there would be crap food, or because there would be drink that would lead to eating crap food. And you know how it made me feel turning down all those events? Crap.

It's all about balance.

Okay so you have a friends birthday dinner out, there is drinking and Indian food- that's okay. You're just having one meal off of your healthy living, you don't need to throw in the towel and say that it's all over.

Just be back on with your healthy eating the day after. and the day after that....

When you do go out to eat you will probably find it harder to track your calories (if you're tracking religiously) so just go with something healthy and lean (jacket with steak and veggies for example)

And remember:

It's better to be 80% on your diet most of the time than 100% on your diet some of the time.

In the week I eat very healthy, then on the weekends I am a little more flexible. We usually visit family with meals out, or have some chocolate in the evenings with a film. Which is fine. It gets rid of that chocolate craving and I'm good to go for the next week. It has to be said though, I do still eat healthy on the weekend when I cook at home, but I add in extra treats or we have meals that I wouldn't cook in the week (usually down to time).

So if you're finding that you're struggling to be super good all of the time, chill. Give yourself a little break now and again.

I don't really agree with cheat days if you are trying to loose weight, as you could easily undo all the hard work you put in (remember 1llb = 3500 calories) but the odd treat here and there shouldn't hurt, and may even help bust the craving and keep you on track!

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