Why Aren't I Losing Inches?

So you have a goal in mind, a pair of jeans that you would love to get back in to, a holiday coming up, a wedding...

You're going to the gym (or seeing a PT) you're eating healthy... but the jeans are still too tight.

Here are a few reasons why you might not be reaching your goal-

- You're over estimating what you burn

When you go to the gym, or use your fitness tracker, the calories burned aren't 100% accurate. They're just a guide. Best thing to do if you're looking to drop body fat is to not enter the calories burned through exercise in any apps (like my fitness pal) as it then gives you extra calories to have over the day and you might find yourself thinking "I earned that Snickers"...

- You're eating too many healthy snacks

Nut's are healthy. We know that. However they are also calorific, same with seeds. So if you're trying to loose weight take a portion controlled amount of nuts with you rather than the whole bag. As a fellow nut fan I know how moorish they are! Watch out for diet foods too which claim to be healthy or low fat but are actually full of sugar.

- You're under estimating what you're eating

We're all guilty of it. If you were putting in your lunch in myfitnesspal and there are 2 options for the same food, one higher calorie than the other, chances are you would put in the lower calorie one. Oh, and even food manufacturers can be out on their calorie counting by as much as 20%.

- You're having serious treat days

It's important to have treats, and trust me, I do! If you're on a strict diet you might feel the need to have a treat day where you go crazy on consuming calories- dominos pizza, chocolate, fried breakfast... the lot. Remember 1llb = 3500 calories. You could easily undo all the hard work from the week in just a day of over feeding, or 'treating yourself'. Instead allow yourself small treats in the week so that you don't crave it all in one go and feel the need to binge.

- You're not tracking your calories (at all)

If your goal is fat loss then you need to consider what you're eating. Simply put, if you want to loose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit (burning more than you consume) You can do this by reducing your food intake or by exercising. Download an app or simply keep a food journal.

Worried that you have a medical problem that is causing you to struggle to loose weight? See a doctor and voice your concerns, don't self diagnose on web MD...

If you'd like to chat about personal training and how having someone to report in to and be accountable to could help, then call me!


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