Get back on track with your healthy life

If you’ve lost your motivation for working out and eating healthy you might be in need of a helping hand and a few tips to get you back on track.

Here are my top tips to get you eating healthy and exercising again.

Remember: You haven’t failed

First on the list, you’re not a failure. Don’t think of yourself as one. Your brain is very smart. If you keep telling yourself the same negative thoughts over and over eventually you’ll start to believe them. Think of your time off as a rest, not that you stopped.

Buy a recipe book

Buy or borrow a recipe book from someone- a healthy living one that is- the Burger Bible probably won’t be what you need. This will encourage you to spend time learning more about cooking good, healthy foods.

Buy a fruit you’ve never tried it and exotic veg

Every tried a Permission? Or an ugly fruit? Go to the fruit and veg shop and buy some random fruits that you’ve never tried, or something you rarely buy. Being in the fruit and veg shop should hopefully spur you on to want to eat all the colours of the rainbow (not in the form of skittles…)

Sign yourself up to a race or challenge

One of the most motivating things is to sign up for a race and run it for a charity you care deeply about. This will give you the boost to get your gym shoes on and train.

Consider whether your diet is sustainable as a lifestyle

If you went through a phase of gym at 6am everyday, eating salad only and probably feeling pretty miserable, consider the reasons why you stopped. Did it get too much? Is it sustainable? Consider that maybe you need to make a few adjustments so that you’ll stick at your diet that you can turn into a lifestyle. There’s more to life that salad and 6am gym sessions, sometimes life gets in the way (and Easter!) so you have to make sure your lifestyle is both adaptable and sustainable.

Set yourself challenges

If you haven’t been very active and your fitness has suffered, set yourself small challenges each week. This could be to be able to run a mile, do 10k steps a day for a week, to eat 5 portions of veg a day. Last March my task was to learn to do a headstand. Practicing every day and I could see myself getting better (when the dog wasn’t licking my face) seeing results is very motivating and will help you to stay on track. Then this March it was to do a pull up.

Tell people

Telling people about your mission to be healthier and fitter will make you feel more accountable. Sometimes I tweet that I’m running in the morning, or going to the gym. I’m sure no one cares if I didn’t but it makes me feel like I should.

Mix it up

Did you always used to run the same route? Or do the same workout in the gym? Take a detour and explore the area a little more, or download a new workout from the Internet. If you can afford it then employ a personal trainer. They will be able to guide you towards your personal goals and give you a new, refreshed view of exercise.

Remember- it’s fun!

Exercise and healthy eating aren’t all about weight loss. It’s also about having fun! Go and run around the park with the kids or your dog, play in the park. Cook healthy food and lunch box snacks for work. Hold a healthy bake sale for your work building and raise money for charity. Release your inner kid.

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