Weight Loss Hints and Tips

First thing first, you need to create a calorie deficit. Basically you need to burn more energy than you consume. Your body needs a minimum number of calories (depending on weight) just to keep your heart pumping and brain functioning, even if you were lying in bed watching Homes Under the Hammer. You probably won't be sitting in be all day, you'll be up and about, maybe at work (maybe working out...) so this would require more calories. Let's keep it simple. Women need on average 2000 calories a day. To loose 1lb a week it is said that you should make the deficit 500 calories (i.e. Eat 500 less calories a day, or eat 250 less and burn 250 through exercise) Spend a week counting your calories and be honest with the amount and what you're putting in. Look at what treats you could cut out- Wine? Beer? Chocolate? Crisps? Too many nuts? Take small steps. i.e. If you eat a packet of crisps a day, have them every other day for a week and keep cutting down. If going out at weekends is a problem then book me for a Saturday or Sunday morning, I'll either help create the deficit with exercise or you'll not go out because you have an early PT session. Tell me what's better, a raging hangover or exercise endorphins? Calories count for sure. But also remember the qualities of those calories. For example sweets are usually fat free and have 0 nutritional value. Roast chicken sandwich might be higher calories than something like a packet of crisps and but it will keep you fuller for longer and will provide protein and carbs and little or no sugar. Foods/drinks to reduce/avoid: Chocolate, cake, biscuits and confectionary Crisps High fat foods (heavy cream meals) Switch to diet drinks Reduce/stop alcohol intake (bottle of wine has around 700 calories) Fried foods Takeaways and dinners out

Some good foods Veggies and fruits Fish Lean meat such as chicken Avocado Quinoa (can buy in a micro bag, lasts in the fridge for a few days) Switch to wholemeal, thin sliced bread Whole grains versions (pasta, rice bread) Home cooked, whole foods made from single ingredients Eggs Sweet potato/carrot/polenta roasted as a replacement for chips How to walk more Walking is great exercise. A 15 minute walk can burn around 100 calories. Could you do that everyday? That's 700 calories burned In the course of a week. Here are a few ways to get yourself out walking. Download a podcast (Serial is really good, have a look through to find one that will keep you walking to listen more!) Download a new album Borrow a doggy Walk with me! Leave the car at home (save money on petrol) Exercises you can do at home without equipment 10 jumping jacks 10 squats 10 leg lifts (each side) 20 second jog on the spot 10 side steps and touch floor 10 march on the spot REST 30s – 1 minute between each exercise REPEAT between 5-10 times depending on how much time you have. You’ve got this! Becky x

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