Are you drinking enough?

No, I'm not talking about Gin. Sorry. If you're looking for a blog to condone you drinking extra Gin this weekend then this is not the blog for you...

I'm talking about WATER!!

Think back to today, how much have you had to drink? Not counting teas, coffees or cokes here, just good old fashioned plain water.

Ideally you should be having 8 glasses a day, or 1 litre for every 1000 calories you burn a day, which is a good bench mark if you have a fitness tracker and are working out.

Tips for drinking more water:

* Buy a bottle that is around 500-750ml *

* Choose a bottle with a straw- really easy to drink with a straw! *

* Set times for when you drink your water, ideal if you work in an office *

* Always carry water, if you wait until you're thirsty then you are already dehydrated *

* Use an app to track your cups - they usually send you reminders too *

Water when working out:

When you sweat during a workout your body loses water, how much you lose in sweat depends on how hard you're exercising, local tempreture, your body chemistry, your body weight and the duration of your workout.

If you want to get nerdy and specific then you can weigh yourself before and after exercise to see exactly how much water has been lost. Every 1kg decrease represents around 1litre of fluid lost that needs replacing.

If you loose 1% of your body weight then you might experience thirst.

2-3% of your body weight you will have reduced performance and you'll feel hot.

When you get to 4% of your body weight lost then you will experience some pretty nasty effects such as nausea, sickness, fatigue.

5-6% and it can be fatal for children and older people, with heat cramps, chills, dry mouth, confusion.

*Of course you can drink too much which can cause water intoxication, which has similar symptoms to dehydration.*

How much should you drink pre workout?

Guidelines are as follows:

5-7 ml of water per kg of body weight, around 2-4 hours before the session.

During your exercise: limit your dehydration to less than 2% of your body weight so you don't experience the symptoms listed above, other than feeling hot and thirsty.

According to research, drinking 2ltrs of water a day can increase your calorie burn by around 96 calories a day! Read more on this research here.

Keep yourself hydrated!!

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