Rennie Groves 3 Peaks Challenge

Rennie Groves 3 Peaks

​Yesterday (Sunday 10th of September) myself, Matt, Kara and our two dogs, Bella and Oz, joined the Rennie Groves 3 Peak Challenge. All of us love to walk and thought this would be a nice challenge, a way to get some fresh air, stretch our legs and have a good chat along the way.

The walk started in Princes Risborough along the Ridgeway path and it was beautiful. Mostly off road and through woods, over hills, down hills and across fields.

We thought as we set off that we'd be done in a couple of hours, it wouldn't be long until we were sipping a pint in a pub garden somewhere in Wendover... But when we got to Wendover we weren't that tired and thought- this can't be it? and it wasn't. We hopped on a bus and headed over to Tring where the next part of the walk started. Which Matt kindly pointed out "is basically the length of walking we've just done, again"

Thanks for that Matt.

We finished it in 4 and a half hours having clocked 17km on the FitBit.

So after the walk, I thought I would share a few tips for anyone thinking about doing a long and hilly walk.

1. Take water

Even if you are on an organised walk it is best to have some water with you in case you get thirsty and water isn't for miles. Take water and a little bowl for the doggies too. Ours were always happy to stop off for a drink! Rennie Groves had set up dog water stations at all the human ones, and even provided treats, so thank you for that!

2. Take treats

Okay so it might 'just be a walk', but don't underestimate how much fuel it is going to use! Especially those hills!! I took a packet of veggie Percy Pigs between the three of us and they've honestly never tasted so good, our bodies really needed that sugar hit. We also had bananas and protein bites from Graze. Keep food with you that will give you energy to keep walking. We probably could have done with a few more bits which I'll remember for next year.

3. Wear warm stuff

Kara made a good point when I was saying I was too hot. Better to be too hot and able to cool down, than too cold and not able to warm up. Bring a backpack where you can store your waterproofs and jackets and hats even. It can be pretty windy up those hills!

4. Keep your dog on a lead

However good your dog is off the lead it might be a little annoying if it goes running off and knocking in to people, or bothering other peoples dogs which are on lead.

5. Stretch afterwards!

Your hamstrings and calves are going to feel pretty tight, give them a good stretch after your walk.

6. Give yourself a break.

If you get to the top of the hill and are pooped then have a sit down, enjoy the view. There were even some people doing Ti Chi on one of the peaks.

7. Enjoy it and stay positive!

When it gets hard it is easy to let your mind start to give up, soon as that happens you'll stop enjoying it. Stay positive and think about how good you will feel once you have finished having raised money for charity or just reached a personal goal. Take in your surroundings, have a chat with your friends and enjoy the fact that you're not hunched over a computer or mobile phone.

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