How to stay motivated to train over the darker months

Dark mornings and evenings are creeping in fast and it's harder to get up out of bed and into the gym, a class, a training session or just out for a little walk.

You're not the only one, lots of my clients (and even me!) are finding it tough these last few days as the temperature drops and the autumnal winds blow.

So, here are my top tips for staying motivated this autumn and going into the winter months.

1. Just do it

Easier said than done, maybe. But think of how good you'll feel having attended that cycle class, or had an hour lifting weights. Getting those endorphins going will be a great way to lift your mood even if the weather is dark and horrible, your mood can be like a ray of sunshine!

2. Train with a friend

Ask a friend if you can join their session, or suggest going to a class with them. Having someone you are accountable to, whether it is a PT or a friend can really help you find the motivation to go.

3. Buy winter training kit

Buy yourself something warm to go under your workout stuff, invest in a new hoodie and some warm leggings. If you're a walker then how about a new rain coat? This way the weather won't put you off because you'll get to flash your new kit. I'm even told you can get waterproof socks! Winner.

4. Go to a class indoors

If the weather is putting you off then go to an indoor class. You'll soon get feeling warm!

5. Enjoy it

Even if the weather is cold and dark, put on your happiest face and train through it. Training will warm you up, boost your energy and lift your mood. Pop some good workout music on, do a fun workout and ask friends to join you!

How are you staying motivated to train as the seasons change?

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