🌽🍝 Top tips for portion control! 🌽🍝

Have you ever weighed out the recommended serving size for your cereal? You'll be surprised, it is ALOT less than you think. Especially with cereals such as granola or musili, you could be eating double or even triple the calories that you think.

So how do you control your portion sizes? Here are a few tricks and tips.

1. Weigh your food for a week Weigh your food for one week and use myfitnesspal to track it (and be honest!) once you have got used to seeing what 45g of Shreddies looks like, or how much 100g of pasta fills up your bowl you'll know for when you stop weighing it.

2. Buy mini bars If you love a chocolate treat, then cut back to funsize bars, or a two finger Kitkat to get the chocolate fix, while reducing your portion.

3. Use smaller dinner plates Trick yourself to think you're eating more by using a smaller plate. There is some science behind this!

4. Portion up your snacks If you love to snack on nuts at work then try weighing them into little pots of the recommended serving size. This will remove the temptation from eating the whole lot in one sitting. Nuts are good for you, but if you're dieting you have to remember that they're also quite calorie dense!

5. Learn the tricks Did you know that 3oz of lean meat is the size of a deck of cards? And 1 cup of breakfast cereal is about the size of a fist? Knowing this stuff can really help you to portion up your plate and not go OTT.

How do you control your portion sizes?

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