Top tips for winter training

It's that time of year where BBC weather threatens a big freeze and we all want to hibernate in front of Christmas-y TV fuelled by a family box of Celebrations...

But wait! Summer bodies are made in the winter!

I know it may be a cliche, or an instagram worthy hashtag but it is true.

Starting your training in the spring will not give you as good results as if you started your journey during the winter months- you'll get a head start!

You can avoid all those empty diet promises of drop 6 dress sizes in 6 weeks and all those marketing fads. You can actually start forming habits, changing habits and seeing results (Yes even with the temptations of Christmas!)

So, my top tips for winter training:

1. Get yourself some warm kit

I mean vests, warm leggings, hats, training gloves, a hoodie. Think layers. You'll get hot during exercise so it's good to have layers that you can add on and take off as needed.

2. Warm your body up!

Yes it is cold outside, but embrace it! Use this time to get warm with some cardio - running, power walking, cycling, HIIT training. Get warm!

3. Calorie deficit through training

Christmas is full of temptation, and that's fine. You should embrace the joys of the festive season, which is even more reason to train during this period. Burning calories through training is certainly one way to keep yourself in a deficit if you're finding it tough to do with food during this time.

4. Think of your goal

In January it is a time when we start to think about our goals and what we achieved over the year. Start planning what you want your new goal to be, or how you can continue to work towards the same goal and maybe get there a little quicker.

5. Chat to your trainer

If you are struggling to find motivation during the winter, tell your trainer or a friend why. That way you can work together to help keep you on track and motivated even during frosty mornings! It might be that you work out a plan to do more cardio, or to do something completely new to keep you interested.

How do you stay motivated in winter?

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