Getting back into training after having a baby

Congratulations, Mumma!

Chances are life has changed, and your body will have too. You've just been growing a human for the last nine months, which is pretty amazing.

Now it is time for you. Time to get to where you feel happy and comfortable. It is important to note that your body has gone through some changes over the past nine months, and your training needs to reflect that. You may have trained through your pregnancy, but hopefully you'd have trained smart and just focused on maintaining your fitness levels, and not going for any PB's.

Now it is time to start up again, gradually.

So where do you start?

Go light

While pre-baby you may have been able to deadlift 50kg+ you shouldn't go straight back to that. You need to progress gradually, over time- sorry it doesn't sound very sexy does it- but that's how you get results, tracking your progress over time. Start on much lighter weights that you are used to and get a feel for the movements again. Especially if you have not trained while you were pregnant, you might find even with light weights you are a little sore in the morning!

Focus on training for good posture

Over the course of your pregnancy the chances are your posture has changed, and now feeding the baby, pushing the pram etc is probably causing postural changes. Try exercises which strengthen your upper back and shoulders, such as bent over rows, lat pull downs, single arm rows and shoulder presses. Also stretch the chest, hip flexors and thighs which can become tight during pregnancy.

Get walking

Start of walking everyday. Even just around the block with the pram, and then increase the distance over time. Ask your NCT group if they want to meet for a walk rather than coffee and cake, it can be easy to fall into that.

Short and sweet

If you are exercising at home then keep your sessions fairly short at first, to ease yourself in. You'll have might have been up in the night doing feeds and you're probably tired. Start off with your workouts 20-30 minutes then if you have the energy extend them, or if you get interrupted you can do another short one later if there is time.

Do what you enjoy

Just as I say to anyone exercising - do what you like! Maybe you love dancing- how about a Zumba class? Or maybe you like something with variety but aren't sure what to do in the gym then a circuit class could be for you, or if you liked running pre baby then maybe you could start that back up again. Do something that you like or chances are you won't stick at it.

Take your time

While "Lose your baby weight in 21 days" might sound ideal... it is much better to play the long game. Focusing on eating real, whole foods, and training. After all, it is a lifestyle not a quick fix.

If you need a little help getting to the size and shape you want to be, then contact me to hear about my post natal online plans which will be designed especially to fit your requirements.

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