How to get your exercise mojo back

It happens to everyone. Yep, even me.

Sometimes our motivation that was overflowing at the start, starts to dry up. There could be a reason that you can really pinpoint or it might just be that something has changed and you can't quite put your finger on it.

So, how do you get back the motivation to train again?

1. Try a new exercise

A change is as good as a rest. You might just need to mix it up a little. If you are working with a PT then tell them your situation and ask what other things you can try. If you're usually in the gym then go to a class, if you're usually in a class then go to the gym. Try something outdoorsy now Spring is coming. How about rowing or tennis for the summer? There is so much choice to keep you active and motivated.

2. Go somewhere else

I find that if I am feeling a little demotivated I try going to a different gym, attending a class or bootcamp, or I just pull on my running shoes and head out into the countryside. Mixing it up, seeing new faces, and trying different exercises and equipment can really help you find your drive to workout.

3. Set yourself a new goal

If you have achieved your goal and are now feeling a little lost, it is time to set yourself something new. Your goal should be something specific and measurable that you can track over time. This will really help you to stay on track with it. Make a plan of how you will reach your goal, and how long you want it to take (be realistic though!)

4. Train with a friend

Ask a friend if they will start doing something with you. How about a team game such as netball, football, squash or badminton? Having someone to make you accountable can really help with your motivation.

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