Non Scale Victories

You might step on the scale on a Monday morning and sigh, not even a llb lost. But, as Im sure you are aware, there is more to training than dropping numbers on the scale.

Non scale victories are things which are a product of training and healthy living, such as running your first 5k, running longer than you ever have without stopping, lifting heavier weights, improving your speed, exercising on your own, making a healthier food choice... so many to name.

These victories, however small they seem, are something we often forget to celebrate and shout about.

In order to notice these non scale victories, it is so important to track your workouts. Even writing them down in a little book and noting how you felt afterwards, what you did, how much you lifted/far you ran or walked. Then when you look back at these you will see how far you have come.

With all my clients I track their every lift to make sure that not only are the progressing, but so they know how far they have come. Lifting more weights, whether that is in terms of reps or weight builds muscle and in turn helps to burn fat and shape your body. Alongside a well balanced diet, of course.

So next time you step on the scale and the numbers haven't changed as you would have hoped, think to yourself, could I have done that workout this time last year? How did I feel after it last month?

Celebrate the small stuff, it all adds up!

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