Real Results from 8 Weeks Online PT

This husband and wife duo have two children, both work and while fitness has always been part of their life they have never followed a progressive plan. L would opt for classes, while P would do a mixture. However, having never tracked their workouts, took measurements or photos they've never known what is working.

L said "If it wasn't for the pics and measurements I am not sure we would have noticed as the scales don't give a true reflection."


Over the past 8 weeks they have both been doing 3 gym based sessions and tracking each one to ensure that they are working towards gaining muscle and adapting their shape.

They are both getting stronger.

Stronger = more muscle

They've been eating well with the help of The Nutri Guy's nutrition plan, and have still enjoyed nights out (Football season!) but have stayed 80% to plan with food and stuck to their 3 gym sessions a week. Which is fantastic.

This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix! You have to remember that one night out won't ruin everything.

These two are going to carry on with this plan, as it fits well into their life and gives them something progressive to follow.

P has lost a total of 8 inches and 7llbs, L has lost 3 and gained 1/2 an inch on her bicep! Both of them have seen a drop in body fat.

Not only that.

They have both increased the weight they are lifting and have got stronger. Here are some of L's stats.

I think they're both looking very trim!

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