What is an Online Personal Trainer - is it right for me?

An online Personal Trainer is a PT who can write you plans, check in with your progress, keep you accountable and motivated and even train you via Skype (if that's something you were in to!)

Online Personal Training is perfect for you if:

- You are limited to times when you can train and are unable to find a PT who's schedule fits with yours

- You are motivated to exercise but don't really know what to do and when to do it

- You want a cost effective way to train

- You want someone who isn't local to train you

How does The Fit Thing online personal training work?

I will chat with you either via email or on the phone to learn more about you and your goals. From this conversation I will take notes and create a bespoke plan for you to follow.

Once I have sent you your first 4 weeks of your 8 week plan we will chat again so I can explain anything that you don't understand.

I will then keep in touch with you once a week to hear how your week has gone. You will send me your training logs so that I can see how you are getting on. This helps to keep you accountable.

Once the 8 weeks is up your next plan is due. You can of course carry on and repeat week 1-8 but you may find that you can no longer progress using the reps/sets I have given you.

8 week plan, weekly check ins and support will cost you £75, (which works out to be £37.50 a month or £9.30 a week.) With this you will get 3 progressive workouts to do each week for the 8 weeks.

Do you need a gym membership?

No you don't need a gym membership. In our initial chat I will find out if you have access to equipment, if you don't it is no problem, there is so much you can do with bodyweight!

Can you show me some results?

I have had some great success with clients who have completed my 8 week programme

Here are some below

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