The Fit Mum Club at FitLife

Coming this September 2018, a Mum and Baby fitness class at FitLife, Haddenham.

What will I be doing?

As new mums with different birth stories, you will all have various needs. This class will take into account your different situations, giving you safe regressions and progressions of each exercise to ensure that it is safe and effective for you all.

We will work on building your strength, confidence and aerobic fitness back up post baby.

You will be using a mixture of bodyweight and equipment alongside other mums and babies to get those heart rates up and bodies moving.

Where, When, how long?

FitLife, Banks Parade, Haddenham

Starting Wednesday September 12th 2018, 11am

45 minute session including a warm up and cool down

Register your interest.

What will I get from it?

- Meet other mums with babies of a similar age

- Boost mood with exercise endorphins

- Workout in a group to feel more motivated

- No need to find childcare

- Spend time building your fitness and reaching personal goals

- Indoors in the studio making it perfect for any weather situation!

How much does it cost?

Block of 6 sessions £42 (£7 each)

Booking in advance is a must, I am limiting the class to 8 ladies at one time to ensure that I can keep an eye on correct form and provide a more personal service. You can book by calling me on 07805920477, payment needs to be made in advance, either cash on the day or by BACS or Paypal

Can I bring my baby?

This class is suited to mums with babies up to 1 years old. Babies will be in the pram while you exercise!

Tips for the class

- For your first class try to get there by 10.45 so I can run through a quick questionnaire with you and check for any ab separation before we start

- If possible, please feed your baby before class to ensure you are more comfortable and the baby is content! Particularly if breast feeding.

- Make sure that you have a bottle of water with you, and have drank enough before and after the class.

- Wear loose fitted clothing that you feel comfortable in

- Enjoy it! Why not grab a protein shake afterwards in and have a chat with the other mums.


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