Pregnancy, working out and eating - 1st trimester

The first 12 weeks were long.

I've heard people say how they didn't feel themselves when they were pregnant but now I really get it. I was totally not me. I usually LOVE exercise and will drop anything to do it. I'll eat broccoli and salad everyday (if Matt didn't want variety, roll eyes here). But for the first 12 weeks I think I went to the gym once. I ate more Pot Noodles and Supernoodle sandwiches that I care to count... One day I even ate a bowl of mash for dinner.

I think I was lucky in terms of sickness in the first trimester. I mean I felt like a had a hangover for the majority of the time. It was just week 9 that was a bad one for feeling sick. I was looking for exits when training clients, trying to move slowly so not to feel even more sick, hardly moving on my spin bike which teaching! But, I wasn’t sick. I just felt like I’d got a stomach bug or some nasty hangover from mixing cocktails with whiskey and wine. You know the kind where your stomach is in knots and you can’t eat anything except maybe a rich tea biscuit. I know sickness is a good sign, so even while I was green in the face, I felt glad for feeling sick.

I was pretty anxious actually. It’s a scary time and I spent many hours repeating to myself “my body and my baby know what to do” and “I let go of the things I can not control”. These affirmations were really helpful. In fact, when we went for a 6 week scan I kept repeating these to myself under my breath, I was so nervous and saying it over and over until I heard the most amazing words “and there’s the heartbeat”.

That 6 week scan was an absolute must for me. There is no way I could have waiting for 12 long weeks for the NHS one. It was £80 well spent. It was only a 5 minute appointment but I think if I was in there any longer I’d have run out of tears! Every time I looked at the TV screen showing the little flickering heart beat I burst into tears. So much so that I could hardly look.


Diet wise, at first all I wanted to eat was beef monster munch and Nik Naks. When those cravings eased off I wanted a beef burger from Burger King. I worried this meant my iron was low as a veggie so the midwife checked it. I decided though if I do want a burger I will have one (and I did!!) My body is on loan to someone else for the next 6 months and I’ll do what I need to do for my babe.

As a constant throughout the 12 weeks I loved potatoes. I think my body was wanting carbs. Jacket potatoes were a winner!


Workouts were minimal, as I said I'd been to the gym once in 12 weeks. I was still doing 4/5 spin classes a week at VERY low intensity and walking the dog everyday for 30 mins - 1 hour. I felt like I really listened to my body and rested when I needed to. I spent a few years either underfeeding my body or over exercising it, so it felt nice just to sit back for a little break. (those spin classes are 50-60% max HR, so not too crazy!)

By 14 weeks I felt more like myself. I was back eating salads and hadn't had a pot noddle in weeks (there was one in the cupboard in case of emergency!)

If you are currently going through your first trimester and you used to love exercise and healthy food, don't worry, you will again! I literally woke up one day and thought I need something green. I had a tuna salad that day.

If you are in pregnant and looking to keep up with exercise, message me to chat online plans and support through this special and crazy time.

Also, if you can't face the gym due to tiredness or sickness, don't worry. When you feel better you can go again. Now that I'm going to the gym 2x a week I focus on upper back exercises, resistance bands and glute work. When you get bigger you need to be able to support your weight and maintain good posture. Having strong glutes helps your back and having strong upper back and chest helps with your posture.

If you are pregnant and would like to chat training, drop me a message.

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