My Exercise in the 2nd and 3rd Trimester

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The second trimester starts at 13 weeks pregnant. Usually, but not always, women start to feel a little better. Bedtime MIGHT stretch to 9pm rather than 7pm. There may not be as many pot noodles...

During the 2nd trimester, particularly after the 20 week scan, I started to trust my body more. I had the energy to exercise again, which was the dream as I was still teaching spin classes every week. I wore my heart rate monitor but I focused more on the talk test. As long as you can hold a conversation during exercise you won't be over doing it for you and your little one.

However, I'd do a class or a gym session and feel great for about an hour. Then I'd feel absolutely exhausted. So it really was a case of considering what I had on before I tried too hard in a session. Make sure you take this into account. Do you have time to put your feet up or have a nap after a gym session or class?

I started to feel baby Spencer-D move at 18 weeks, which was VERY reassuring. Once I had felt these movements I stopped demonstrating full burpees - it just didn't feel right!

I also stopped any kind of sit ups and front planks. My belly started to grow a little and I could notice 'coning' getting out of bed, so sit ups were certainly off the menu! I found a pregnancy yoga class for a Saturday morning which has been great (Clare at Flower Yoga).

At around 20 weeks I started to get signs of SPD. This is a pelvis issue that for me, felt like I'd been kicked between the legs! Certain movements really set off the pain, such as single leg work or even putting my socks on.

I saw Danielle Pain (highly recommend) and she gave me some exercises to help. I did these and have done through my pregnancy and I found it really helped. Jumping ahead a little, but I was back to doing lunges in the 3rd trimester.

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The third trimester I actually found a really burst of energy around 32 weeks. This even found me at the gym 3+ days a week plus 2/3 spin classes. I even took my home spin bike out of retirement! I felt great actually!

As I write this I am 37 weeks pregnant and will not be finding myself doing as much as that. I'm choosing sleep over early starts and long walks with the dog over going to the gym. I don't doubt that I'll head to the gym for a little session at some point in January, but I'm not going to push it.

Quick tips for exercise during pregnancy:

- Listen to your body, take rest days when you need to, take more rest between sets too

- Do the talk test to ensure you don't over do it in cardio

- Focus on form over speed

- Do a longer warm up and cool down

- Eat a small snack before exercise

- Drink water before, during and after

- Don't aim for a PB right now, exercise because it feels good and to be strong as a new mum (and to push baby out)

- Avoid lying flat on your back post 20 weeks

- Turn onto your side to get up (even out of bed) to help reduce coning of your stomach

- Think about your energy levels - if you go to the gym will you have energy for anything else?


If you are pregnant and looking for a fitness plan and some support, drop me a message <3

Exercise in the 2nd and 3rd trimester was great. It has really helped me feel like me still. Hopefully it has helped me stay strong for birth and motherhood!

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