Weight Training in Pregnancy

It used to be that you shouldn’t even lift a bag of shopping during pregnancy, now days you see people carrying on lifting weights and even doing CrossFit.

I have pregnant clients who lifted weights before they saw those two pink lines, then as soon as they do they panic. Suddenly, walking into the gym they've known and loved for years feels daunting. This tiny being growing inside, however small, can really cause some anxieties around training like you used to.

You might well know that weight training in pregnancy is FINE. You see people doing it all the time, but still you're concerned. I've done various pre and postnatal courses and trained pregnant ladies and still l felt this anxiety too!

Here are a few tips for weight training during pregnancy:

🌟 Aim to maintain your strength, not increase it. Now isn’t a time for PBs 🌟 Leave your ego at the door. If your usual weight feels too heavy now you have less energy, extra pressure on your pelvis and a growing belly, go lighter! 🌟 Focus on form over speed. Make sure you aren’t over extending or lifting with poor form. Joints are more lax during pregnancy and you will be more prone to injury. 🌟 As with any exercise, stop if it doesn’t feel right! 🌟 Avoid exercises in the prone position as you get further along in you pregnancy. 🌟 Some movements such as upright rows will need to change to accommodate your growing baby! 🌟 Listen to your body. When you do a weight train in pregnancy you want to focus on exercises that strengthen you for growing weight and pressure on your pelvis, a posture shift and of course, pushing a baby out!

Think upper back, glutes, hips, inner thighs and opening your chest.

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