New Mums - Returning to Exercise Tips

new mum exercise advice

It’s tempting to try to jump back in where you left off but it’s really important to build up gradually. Your body has been though a lot along with hormonal, pelvic floor and posture changes, not to mention actually delivering the baby - then there is the tiredness to consider too!

Here are a few tips for returning to exercise post baby.

🌼 Work on your core synergy when you return to exercise as a new mum - core synergy is when your diaphragm, core and pelvic floor all work together, you can start working on this soon after birth

🌼 Start with bodyweight exercises, such as lunges, Squats, clamshell, bridges - you can do these at home while baby naps or plays beside you, this way there is no pressure to get to and from the gym 🌼 Consider waiting 12 weeks before returning to running as per new guidelines (DM of you’d like a link to these) 🌼 Avoid high impact jumping when you return to exercise after a baby (yep- no burpees and beware of bootcamps or classes that are not specifically postnatal) 🌼 Start slow with rebuilding your foundations - Don't underestimate breathing and core connection 🌼 Stretch and work on posture. Us mums can get a pretty tight chest and weak upper back from all the cuddling, feeding, pram pushing. Take time everyday to stretch 🌼 Follow a plan to strengthen your upper back, hips and glutes

🌼 Look for a good postnatal fitness class in your area. This way you will meet mums and be guided through a postnatal specific exercise session. Or, look into getting a postnatal PT. 🌼 Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Some days you might be too tired to brush your hair, let alone do a workout and you might feel like you’ve failed if you don’t get to do it 🌼 I highly recommend seeing a women’s health physio to assess you and your specific needs (I saw Gemma West at Elite Physical Medicine in Aylesbury. She was great.)

Remember, be kind to yourself as a new mum. No doubt you'll be tired and have new priorities, including nap and feeding schedules. A tip I always quite liked was to get in your gym clothes in the morning, that way you will be ready to go as soon as there is a window of opportunity!

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