What exercise can I do after having a baby? | Featuring a session plan

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After having a baby the advice is to wait for your 6 week check before exercising, or 12 if you have had a c-section.

However, that doesn't mean that you should sit down for 6-12 weeks. Especially if you are keen to get moving and are pain free post birth.

Here are some things you could do in those early weeks and months:

Early days -

Focus on core connection, trying to breathe deeply and pelvic floor connection. After I had Ida I tried to do a pelvic floor squeeze and felt zero connection. However, I kept doing my 20 reps 3 x a day and after a week I could feel a slight connection again. Keep going, even if you feel absolutely nothing. The PF is a muscle that needs working.

Early weeks-

You may also feel up to walking, low intensity cycling, gentle yoga and stretching (just watch out for that hormone Relaxin that can make you extra stretchy.)

All I did in the early weeks was walk. I sat on my bike a

6 weeks-

After you have been given the go-ahead to exercise by the doc, consider booking a women health physio. They can be really thorough and really examine you and your weak spots to work on.

I started postnatal yoga and did a few home workouts a week with only body weight (lunges, squats, bridges, clams, good mornings).

I would not advise that you literally jump back into burpees, Bootcamp and high-intensity stuff. Even running isn't advised until after 12 weeks after delivery.

Pregnancy is a lot on your body, not to mention the marathon that is labour. Take it easy and listen to your body after having your little one. Don't compare yourself to other mums, we are all different, with different lifestyles and motivations.


Here is a session you could try when you first start exercising after having a baby.

(Remember, take it easy. Rest when you need to. DRINK water!!)

6-10 squats

Rest 1m

6-10 lunges each leg

Rest 1m

6-10 hip bridges

Rest 1m

6-10 clamshells each side

Rest 1m

6-10 Bent knee fall outs

X 2

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